Steps to Avoid Wire Fraud

How to protect yourself from the risk of wire fraud   With the added convenience of technologies like the telephone and internet, consumers need to be extra cautious to avoid fraud when they are sending money or providing their private banking information. Buyers and sellers of a real estate transaction have become the targets of
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Offer Real Estate Assistance Benefits to your Workplace

Do you want to be a superstar to your company and its employees? You take care of your employees with sick pay, vacation, health care, vision, dental, 401k, etc. and all these items are provided at-cost. But do you provide a Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP)? This is a valuable, no-cost, voluntary benefits program that
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Automated Income Verification

Best Way Lending is now able to receive automated asset and income verification based on borrower approval. What this means is that it eliminates the need to obtain hard copies of your W-2 forms, 30-day paystubs and other income-related or asset documents. Learn more.

Millennial Homeownership

According to a recent report released by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies homeownership among millennial households are dropping. “As of 2015, adults under age 35 made up 19 percent of households nationally but less than 10 percent of homeowners.” Additionally, homeownership among that age group has dropped by more than 27 percent in
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IRS form 1040

40 Million Families Affected by IRS delays on 2016 Taxes

In an effort to fight identity theft and fraud, the Associated Press reports that the IRS will be delaying refunds on tax returns that include the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. These two credits are often used by tax-return fraudsters. Low income families who come to depend on their tax refund for
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